A destination wedding & elopement photographer for those who simply love beauty…

Hi, I'm Paulina


My name is Paulina. I’m an elopement and wedding photographer based in the South of The Netherlands, capturing beautiful love stories all around the world.

My passion turned into more than a full-time job. Wedding photography is what ultimately brings me the most joy and happiness.  

I’m here to take beautiful, natural looking photographs of your infinite love and beauty. My photos spark happiness, emotion and passion, and eternalize your special, forever moment. I’m here to show your beauty, soul, emotion, passion and love. 

I like being surrounded by the people I love, and who in return love me back. I love to experience and capture the love and romance you have for one-another, which is why it’s probably no shock to hear I’m a bit of a (hopeless) romantic myself. 


My work brings me nothing but joy and happiness, which means I really don’t ‘work’ a single day ;)

I am eager to grow, learn and improve as a photographer to better meet your needs, desires and expectations. I want to capture and deliver that what you have always dreamt of. Therefore, the right preparation, an extensive eye for detail, and good communication is what is really important to me, for every single wedding I capture. 


It is why I love photography, because through my photos I’m able to capture those little moments and details, that would otherwise be forgotten or overlooked. I want your beauty, and of course your natural love, to be memorized forever. I want you to feel beautiful, special and fully yourselves. I want to take natural looking photos that completely reflect who you are as a person and/or couple, because what could be more beautiful than that? 

It’s not about those moments created, but about those that just exist. That is what beauty is. I’m here to capture essence and true identity, and with that I’m hoping to make you the happiest you have ever been. 

Not just a picture, but a memory of beauty and love ...


My passion for photography is what ultimately lead me to start my business. But there is a bigger purpose here. I’m here to show your beauty, soul, emotion, passion and love. I believe in and see everyone’s beauty, and beauty is seen in the smallest of details. 


The things I value the most



Every project and every wedding is an adventure to me. Being part of an adventure, whether it is to meet new people, to work out new creative ideas or to travel the world, it is what I’m yearning for. That wondering of what happens next, is what excites me. With that comes the fact that I also get to be part of your adventure, and that is what makes it even more special. Through my photos I want you to relive your adventure for many more years to come.

The connection I create with you two is what is extremely important to me. I’m all about that personal connection that feels easy, sincere, fun and safe. I want our relationship to feel like a friendship in which we both feel respected and appreciative of each other. I am a firm believer in that this type of connection allows us to overall feel better, be more relaxed and completely at ease.

Everything I do comes from passion and love, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The way in which I go about each and every single project is how I’m hoping I am able to ignite that passion in you as well.

I was born in 1991 in Poland. I came to the Netherlands in 2018. Why? For a man! :D I met my wonderful boyfriend Olav during a 3-month stay in the Netherlands 6 years ago. We had a distance-relationship flying together up and down as often as possible for 1.5 year. Coming to Netherlands was a quick and spontaneous decision which I never regret even a bit.

For me, the most important thing is to be surrounded by people I love and who loves me no matter where it is - luckily part of my closest family also lives here. We live in Dongen, Netherlands with the sweetest dog ever, type of Newfoundland & Sin Bernard (for us he is just a big teddy bear to cuddle and spoil). 

In short?

I look forward getting to know you.


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