Fiona & Henry I Destination wedding in Germany

‘’The photos are spectacular! Thank you! Appreciate your work and efforts sooooo much! ‘’

Fiona & Henry

In the exquisite surroundings of Schloss Lieser, Fiona and Henry embarked on a breathtaking journey, marking their eternal commitment to each other. Fiona, found her way in Germany, starting her studies and discovering her mentor. Henry, a devoted local physician, had woven his life’s story within these very lands. Their shared love for exploration and travel ultimately led them to this magical place to promise forever love amidst.

Schloss Lieser: The Ideal Destination Wedding Location

The allure of Schloss Lieser added a profound charm to Fiona and Henry’s destination wedding. Its grandeur and historical significance painted a mesmerizing canvas for their special day. Surrounded by the castle’s ancient walls, Fiona and Henry’s love story unfolded in a fairy-tale setting, capturing the essence of their union against the backdrop of architectural splendor and natural beauty.

Destination Wedding Photographer

I’m a destination wedding photographer focusing on capturing the essence of your special day in a picturesque setting. pour my heart into every wedding, dedicating time, energy, and personal commitment to ensure the final result surpasses your wildest expectations, resembling a fairy tale brought to life.I meticulously scout and select the most enchanting locations, often spending hours curating the perfect backdrop for your cherished moments. The goal is to create a visual narrative that encapsulates the essence of your love amidst the charm of the destination, ensuring your memories are captured in the most enchanting way possible.

Fiona and Henry’s big day

The exceptional day for this couple began with preparations. Henry and Fiona started their preparations in their respective rooms simultaneously, building up excitement and emotions associated with the upcoming special moment. Their first glance in front of the chapel was a moment filled with emotions, setting the tone for the rest of the day, full of heartfelt moments and joy.

As guests began to gather for the ceremony, the atmosphere came to life. The ceremony took place indoors, where Fiona and Henry exchanged vows surrounded by loved ones. Following this moving moment, we captured a group photo with friends, mentors, and two close individuals who helped with the organization.

The rest of the day smoothly transitioned through a picturesque photo session, showcasing the essence of their love in the castle gardens. Subsequently, the couple embarked on a serene boat trip along the Mosel, while guests had the opportunity to explore the castle. The evening unfolded at Restaurant Puricelli, nestled in a cozy cottage. During the dinner, guests continued touching speeches, place was full of the joy and all celebrated of Fiona and Henry’s union.

The night concluded with a lively dance to the tunes of a band, heating up the crowd and creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration of their unity.


Amazing couple: Fiona & Henry @fionahuihuihui

Location: @schlosslieser

Wedding dress: Zuhair Murad in Monarca Shanghai 

Evening dress: Elisabetta Franchi in Berlin 

Suit: Hugo Boss

Band: @neon_lights_live

Second shooter: @romykoningsphotography

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