With passion and love for love

I’m here to take beautiful, natural looking photographs of your infinite love and beauty. My photos spark happiness, emotion and passion, and eternalize your unique, forever moment. I believe in and see everyone’s beauty, and beauty is seen in the smallest of details.

My passion turned into more than a full-time job. Wedding photography is what ultimately brings me the most joy and happiness. 

My work’s been published in many different ways, I’ve got several awards and I’ve received a lot of beautiful opinions from my couples. I often read it in reviews from them that I am “extremely friendly, enthusiastic and cheerful”, ”with lots of energy and head full of ideas.“

Destination wedding I elopement

I love those wedding that’s why I usually give myself much more time, energy and personal commitment so that the final effect is like a fairy tale – it exceeded your wildest expectations.

I usually come 2/1 days earlier to get to know the location of the wedding and beautiful places nearby. I photograph the surroundings, after wedding session, beautiful details, the atmosphere to add that magic effect to your photos. I make every effort to choose the most beautiful locations, I often spend long hours on it.

So far, I have photographed amazing weddings in min. Austria, Portugal, Spain, France, Azores, Germany and Poland.

The things I value the most


Every project and every wedding is an adventure to me. Being part of an adventure, whether it is to meet new people, to work out new creative ideas or to travel the world, it is what I’m yearning for. That wondering of what happens next, is what excites me. With that comes the fact that I also get to be part of your adventure, and that is what makes it even more special. Through my photos I want you to relive your adventure for many more years to come.


The connection I create with you two is what is extremely important to me. I’m all about that personal connection that feels easy, sincere, fun and safe. I want our relationship to feel like a friendship in which we both feel respected and appreciative of each other. I am a firm believer in that this type of connection allows us to overall feel better, be more relaxed and completely at ease.


Everything I do comes from passion and love, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The way in which I go about each and every single project is how I’m hoping I am able to ignite that passion in you as well.

Destination wedding workshop I Wild Romance in Normandy I

Organized @theartsofwe and

Workshop team:
Styling: @stylingbaas_weddings 
MUAH: @sandrabierens_bridal 
Catering: @byloes_com 
Location: @domainedelasource62 
Dress: @lookoflovebridal  Designed by  @madewithlovebridal
Suit: @michaelgisoweddings 
Table styling: @set.tables 
Wedding rings: @bobiniroots 
Kimono: @leolive 
Couple: @robinjanssens_ @luukhoeben Support photographer: @demis_design
Videographer: @lonneketubbing

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