‘’First thing you have to do when you’re getting married: book Paulina as your photographer.

She is the best person to have around during the day, with her enthusiasm and her sparkly, amazing personality.

Not liking to be on pictures, she made sure we were always comfortable and the result is just breathtaking.

The pictures take us right back to our special day and for some reason she managed to capture the vibe and feeling in every picture.

We feel so special and honored that she was part of our wedding and we can’t stop looking at the pictures.’’

Robin & Sven


Robin and Sven started their amazing weekend with “Spaanse avond” one day before their wedding. This is quite a popular form, many couples eventually decide to have this welcoming for their guests.


Just one word to express how wonderful the wedding was, the fantastic atmosphere and how grateful I am to have been a part of their story. 



Almost every couple are afraid of photoshoots but believe me, it will be better than you think. I am a fan of natural, unposed photos, full of movement, emotions and laughter. I will offer you many forms of activities to achieve that kind of images. Each of them can be photographed in different ways

  • Walking
  • Dancing
  • Running
  • Lot of way of lifting
  • Kissing, almost kiss
  • Word games
  • Hugging
  • Sitting
  • Behind the vail

Somewhere in the middle of the session, we will make your portraits – i.e. separate photos. I also focus on details, I take unusual shots from different perspectives and mostly photos against the sun.

It is worth to choose an original location. It must also suit you and your nature. It is better to choose one solid location that is not far and preferably along the way. I think the maximum travel time is 20-25 minutes.


For many couples, this is the most important moment of the entire wedding.

During the ceremony everyone will be looking at you therefore it will be hard to relax, I can imagine. But try to relax a bit,  let yourself be carried by romantic emotions, maybe catch your hands sometimes, enjoy this wonderful time, I will be waiting for such romantic moments.

When exchanging the rings, try to be in the canter so that I can see the rings, you can show it also to me. Kiss a bit longer and try to stand between the decorations you have prepared. I can take pictures from one side, either for guests or decorations view.

While leaving the ceremony, let yourself go crazy if you want, show your happiness, shout, kiss again, hug family, show the rings to the camera. I’ll be patiently waiting for this moment. You can also do nothing 🙂  Guests would usually throw something at you. I recommend flower petals, or slingers, the ones you use for the carnival.

I’ll try not to be too much during the ceremony to not disturb any moment but try to catch everything that is most important on the images.

Pictures that couples usually want

  • All the decorations, everything they prepared for the ceremony & wedding day
  • Entrance of bride, groom and others
  • Groom’s reaction when seeing the bride (even if they have seen each other before)
  • Ring exchange, possible close-up
  • First kiss
  • Reading vows
  • Emotions – couples and of all guests – laughter, tears, joy
  • Main guests
  • Leaving the ceremony


During wishes, toast and cutting a cake I will be somewhere nearby so that I will not miss anything but I try to blend in with the crowd. I will be photographing you and the guests from distance while searching for interesting moments to happen a group of guests are laughing, children are playing or people are using a photo both.

I also use this moment to take photos of the details of the wedding, location or something that I haven’t done before – it is also very important.

Before dinner, I photograph the table decorations and settings. I usually need about 20 minutes before lunch to photograph it well. During dinner I focus on food, guests, a bit fun and interesting moments such as speeches. I could also take separate photos of the guests. Between the dinner and party we can make a second session during sunset or with the lights.

Colorful smoke

Cool thing. I recommend taking 2 tubes of white and / or blue. You can either hold them in your hand, they can be behind as a background, or during the first dance. Smoke works great in the woods or in industrial locations. It will create sort of a fog.

In the sun of beautiful Spain

The photos from the shoot definitely exceeded my wildest expectations!!! 😍

Robin wrote after seeing a few of them: “wow wow wow!!! They are really really nice. I’m a bit shocked how good they turned out.. you’re a superstar!! “ haha thank you!!! 🤍


I’m here to take beautiful, natural looking photographs of your infinite love and beauty. My photos spark happiness, emotion and passion, and eternalize your unique, forever moment. I believe in and see everyone’s beauty, and beauty is seen in the smallest of details.

My passion turned into more than a full-time job. Wedding photography is what ultimately brings me the most joy and happiness. 

My work’s been published in many different ways, I’ve got several awards and I’ve received a lot of beautiful opinions from my couples. I often read it in reviews from them that I am “extremely friendly, enthusiastic and cheerful”, ”with lots of energy and head full of ideas.“

Photoshoot on another day?

I strongly encourage you to do another session after the wedding – it gives a great potential. You can do things that I would not dare to do on the wedding day – let’s swim in the sea, go in a beautiful place, let’s do rain sessions or jump into the pool.


Couple: @robinvand90 @svennovic
Perfect location: Hotel Masia Durba, @masiadurba 
Weddingplanner: De Catalaanse Bruiloft @despaansebruiloft
Hair Robin: @gitteulusan
Hair Sven: @by.jelle
Dress: Ann & John Bruidsmode Group @annenjohnbruidsmode
Suit: O’MAGGIO House of Tailors @omaggiohouseoftailors
Shoes: @zappazschoenen
Second shooter: @e_aizpurvietis

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